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The Glamper at the Brown Family Farm

Welcome to your home away from home!!!


We are so happy to have you here at the Brown Family Farm Airbnb! We couldn’t be more pleased that you chose to stay with us. We are Eric & Adrienne Brown. We are originally from Connecticut but have been residents of East TN since 2013 and we absolutely love our life here! As of the time of this bio, we have 3 boys and 1 princess, dogs, cats, chickens, goats, pigs,  alpaca, donkeys, and horses…as well as a couple other equine friends who reside here. We purchased this property in July of 2021 and are enjoying every moment of bringing this property back to its original use as a small farm. The adventures never seem to end…neither does our project list. 😊

Please make yourself at home. Relax and enjoy your stay. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions...but also know that we will respect your privacy and quiet time.

House Rules

  • For all emergencies please dial 911!

  • No feeding/touching any of the animals at any time without a host present.  Even the friendliest of animals can bite.

  • No smoking/vaping in the RV. Feel free to use tobacco products outside. Please do not flick butts into anywhere on the property.

  • Please leave the Glamper locked whenever you are not home.

  • Please respect the property map boundaries shown below and do not enter any of the animal’s areas without a host present.

  • The Glamper is set between active horse pastures.  You may occasionally see folks working near the horses, but we aim to respect your privacy during your stay.

  • That’s it! Easy peasy…contact us with questions!!

Property Map

Local Food Options


Historic Downtown Lenoir City is only minutes from the farm. It’s a growing area that hosts a few great shops and store fronts.

Turkey Creek is conveniently located about just under 15 minutes from here. Turkey Creek contains a ton of shopping options from high-end furniture/clothing to Walmart/Target.


Visit for an interactive map of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

Security/ Technology

You may notice a security camera facing the access way off the driveway.  This allows us to monitor our property remotely for your security and ours. There are absolutely NO cameras/surveillance devices in the unit.  It’s against the law, against Airbnb policy, and we respect our guest’s privacy.

Check-out Instructions

We often get asked about check-out instructions and the guidance we generally provide is to do as much or as little as you feel comfortable and as time permits. Most guests pile their used towels and linens in one area. We would sincerely appreciate if you washed your own dishes.  


If you opt to check-out early, we certainly appreciate being informed! Please contact us with any questions not answered in this guide book.

RV Basics

When you arrive, The Glamper should be fully operational and ready for your stay. Obviously staying in an RV is different in many ways than staying in a home. Here is some information on how the RV operates:

  • Water for sinks, shower, toilet is supplied by a pressurized water system.  If you lose water pressure, please inform us immediately. 

  • Water is heated by a tankless water heater.  If water pressure is fine, but you aren't getting any hot water you can try a simple system reset.  On the black control panel in the bathroom, locate the 'LP Water Heater' switch.  It should be one and illuminated in blue.  Turn the switch off for a minute or two and then back on.  If hot water does not return, please inform us immediately. 

  • Do not drink the water from the sinks. Drinking water is provided through the water cooler within the RV.

  • Black water (from toilet) is emptied into a tank under the RV. Please do not touch any of the plumbing connections/tank. The tank is emptied on a weekly basis by a third party company that specializes in this.

  • The septic sensitive is VERY sensitive. Please only flush bodily waste and toilet paper down the toilet.

  • LP (propane) is supplied onsite for the stove, hot water heater, and grill. We will have backup tanks on-hand in case you run low.

  • In order to light the oven, you need to turn the gas valve on and continuously turn the igniter knob to light.  Turning once may not light the oven. 

  • The awning is functional, but can be easily damaged by high winds.  If you choose to open the awning, PLEASE ensure it’s retracted when you are finished utilizing it or if any high winds/storms set in.   Replacing a damaged unit will cost $10K!


We have positioned The Glamper for the most optimal views and our sunsets can be incredible!  We highly recommend catching a sunset one evening.  Sunset time is conveniently listed below.  You won't regret it!

goats and llamas.jpg


Get to know all of our fine feathered and furry friends here on the farm!

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